Running a Pre-ran Transaction

A pre-ran transaction lets you run a credit card before you are ready to pay an order.
This transaction is then available to adjust up or down until the order is ready to be paid.
This is useful for running a credit card tab and doesn't require you to keep the card behind the bar. After you pre-run the transaction you can hand the card back to the customer.

The two ways to run a pre-ran transaction are:

1: After you start a tab or table order, the POS prompts you if you would like to add a credit card to this order.
2: In the Open Ticket List, you pick your order and hit Credit Card.

By doing a Pre-ran Transaction you can hand the card back to the customer. You can still add to the order as normal.
A credit card icon will show up with the order in the Open Ticket List.
The transaction will be adjusted to the final amount when you pay the order.
You can then tip adjust the transaction as normal.