Seat Numbers

Seat numbers can be extremely useful for large tabs or parties. They allow you to run multiple tabs on one ticket and pairs with the Split Check function.

When Starting or Adding to an Order

You can add Seat Numbers when starting a new order or Adding to your Ticket by using the column to the left of your ticket viewer.

Select your seat number, then select your item as usual.

If you would like to assign a name to a customer instead of a number, select Seat Name from the top of the column.

Attaching to an Existing Ticket

While viewing your Open Ticket, select the item to be assigned, then select Seat Num from the top of the column on the right.

Here you can select a number or select Seat Name from the top of the window. (See below)

Changing or Removing a Seat Number

To change the name or number of an assigned seat, select the item to be reassigned, select Seat Number and choose its new assignment.

To remove a seat number altogether, select the seat number itself, not the item attached to it and select Del. from the column on the right.

Splitting Checks by Seat Number

To split a check by assigned seat numbers or names, select Split Check from the left hand side of the ticket viewer.

At the bottom of the pop-up, select Split Checks by Seat Number. From here you can combine seats or individual items using the +Add to Me buttons at the top of each ticket.