Positive Cash Outs

When you have more credit card tips than you have cash sales, this is considered a Positive Cash Out. Your payment total will already be over before entering any cash/coin payment totals. When this happens, you need to add an Added Income to your cash out for the over amount.
You will add this added income as a Tip Out with the name of the person you received the cash from as the description. Normally you will get this money from the bartender or a cashier with a Cash Drawer or Server Cash Out. They will need to add a matching PAID OUT on their cash drawer cash out.

Use the Print Added Income Paid Out Receipt button provided to print two receipts; one Paid Out and one Added Income. The Paid Out receipt is for the person's cash out that the money came from. The Added Income receipt is for your cash out. Handling Positive Cash Outs this way will create a distinct paper trail on each Cash Out.