Cancelling Orders

Navigating to Cancel

The Cancel button allows you to cancel an open order.

Click the order to be canceled. The order will become highlighted in green at the left and appear in the window to the right.

Make sure this is the correct order, then click the Cancel button.

A window will appear prompting you to enter the reason for the cancelation. Click in the text box and type in the reason the order is being canceled, such as “the order was rang up twice”.

Then click the Cancel Order button to finish cancelling the order, or click Close to cancel cancelling the order.

Cancellation Reasons

Cancelled sales do not show the item as being sold. This can be not what is intended in some cases where you are doing inventory. In those cases, a 100% "no show" or comp discount may be more appropriate.

Uncancelling an Order

Select the canceled order to be uncancelled, and hit the UnCancel button.
A box will ask you if you are sure you want to uncancel it.

If you uncancel an order, NO TICKETS PRINT, so you may need to verbalize that it was no longer canceled.

NOTE: You can set the POS to text your phone anytime an order is canceled. This is configured in the Notifications section of this manual.