Holding Tickets and Coursing Meals

You can hold tickets to be sent automatically after a delay, or hold them until you want to send them. This is often used in fine dining when you want to enter the tables order, but don't want the food to arrive before the table has had a chance to enjoy their appetizer.

Basic Coursing

When you start your table order, just ring in the drinks and the appetizers like a normal ticket.
Then finish it, sending those tickets to the bar and kitchen.

If you already have the orders for the main course, and want to enter them now, pick your ticket in the open ticket list, click the Add To button, and add the main course items.

When you are done adding items click the Add Items To Order button to finalize your changes. It will then return you to the open ticket list and the Finish button will be flashing red.

Click and hold the Finish button, and it will prompt you for how long you want to delay the ticket.

Note: If you pick I will send, your ticket will NEVER print until you tell it to print.

Printing a Held Ticket

Once you have a held ticket, that order will show that it has an unprinted ticket in the open ticket list.

The tickets that are held will show up with a yellow background.

To print a held ticket, highlight an item on a held ticket, or the ticket number, and hit the Print Ticket button.